Richpeace Fully Automatic Cutting Machine

RPC Series


Garment, Luggage, Shoes&Caps, Marine/Aerospace interior, Medical treatment and health articles etc

Product Video

Product Introduction

  • Aluminum nose which is molded in one body.

  • Automatic cleaning system (stainless steel filters).

  • No need to add lubrication oil, avoid oil contaminating fabrics.

  • The overall adopts steel structure, more solid and durable.

  • Cutting Blade change cutting speed automatically, ensure quality of final markers.

  • 24 years professional software, independent research and development electronic safe and reliable.

  • With double edge knife and intelligently controls cutting blade’s wear and tear.

  • Production statistics system, can generate reports and docking ERP/MES system.

  •  Beams of the gear and rack designed to ensure the accuracy of mobile, stability and long life.