Richpeace USB Simulating Floppy Drive

Different machine has different model

USB floppy drive is widely used for Tajima, Barudan, Shima Seiki, Brother, Happy, Sodick, Sony, SWF, Charmillers, Toyota and many other machines.

Product Introduction

1.Normal size SFDR



2.Half/slim size SFDR



Performances and Functions:

  • Replace all kinds of floppy drive with different jumper settings on special industry machine.

  • Built-in 1.5mb memory ensures high efficiency. Loading data from USB stick only takes several seconds.

  • Replace different size floppy drive.

  • USB and NET dual function can realize equipments networking management.

  • Provide multiple specifications signal connector: 34pins, 26pins, etc.

  • Identify multiple format and capacity floppy disk: 720kb, 1.2mb, 1.4mb, etc。

  • Accord with international safety standards and have CE, FCC certification already.

  • Without USB flash stick capacity limitation and can be formatted as FAT/FAT16/FAT32.

Good service: One year guarantee and life-long service.




Distinguish feature of SFDR-LED model:

  • Double LED codes, double press buttons and can choose 100 folders/disks in USB flash stick.

  • Automatically identify FAT32/FAT format USB flash stick.

  • Suitable for DOS_2HD, DOS_2DD, and various special equipment disk format.

  • Automatically identify multiple disk formats: 1.44M, 1.28M, 1.232M, 1.2M, 1.04M, 1.01M, 800KB, 720KB, 640KB, 610KB.

  • Compatible with multiple old version floppy drives and jumper floppy drives.

  • Automatically convert different disk formats to start up system and store data for CNC equipment.

  • Avoid virus from computers and USB flash sticks.

  • Optimized operation, humanized design and flexible function.

  • With exquisite design, high quality, invention patent protection and expert supervision.



Distinguish feature of SFDR-NEC model:

  • Custom-made for Japan SUDICK CNC machinery;

  • Automatically identify multiple nec/Epson disk format。

  • Automatically shift 300/360rpm floppy drive work mode;

  • Compatible with multiple old version floppy drives and jumper floppy drives;

  • Suitable for DOS-2HD,DOS-2DD, and various special equipments disk format;

  • Automatically identify multiple disk formats in FM/MFM mode:1.44MB, 1.28MB,1.232MB,1.2MB,1.04MB,1.01MB,800KB,720KB,640KB,610KB;

  • Provide different disk formats to start up system and store data for CNC equipment;

  • Suitable for CNC machinery of both China and foreign brand, old and new types;

  • Automatically identify FAT32/FAT format USB flash stick;

  • With Exquisite design, high quality, invention patent protection and expert supervision.

5.Network Style

Network Transfer Step

  • Design product data document according to customer’ sdemand, then transfer data document to SFDR network transfer system

  • Transfer data document to simulation floppy drive through SFDR transfer system

  • Equipment read data document from SFDR when produce


Network Transfer System

  • Establish industry network system by SFDR net port. Discard floppy drive, save USB flash stick and has high secrecy;

  • One computer can control 64 sets of different kind machines, and the distance of network connection can reach 1 kilometer。

  • It can transfer many data files to different machines at the same time and with strong error correction  function and high transmission efficiency;

  • With high network anti-jamming function and can work normally in any bad industrial environment

  • Network transfer software is reliable, stable and easy in operation;

  • Network transfer software has multiple management functions: query, send, delete, etc;

  • Network system is simple to construct, convenient to debug and easily maintenance;

  • Different network configurations and professional customization solutions are provided.

1/SFDR-VIU-A1.44    SFDR-IU-A1.44

2/SFDR-IU-SW1.44    SFDR-IU-SW1.44

3/SFDR-IVU-A720    SFDR-IVU-A720