Richpeace Disk Reader

Color LCD disk reader supports one-to-all connection for Tajima, Barudan, Happy and Ricpeace.

Product Introduction

Performances and Functions

  • Color LCD dispalys patterns in a colorful way

  • Read pattern from disk and output them to the embroidery machine of Tajima$Barudan$Happy and Richpeace machine through a cable

  • Simply selecting function in menu with a brief, convenient interface

  • Auto identify disk of DSB,DST,FDR,FMC,ZSK,Meico,EXP and other popular formats.

  • Sense automatically and read all popular pattern format from disk

  • Effective memory available to 320,000 stitches, 15 pattterns for permanent storage

  • Rotate and transform of the pattern file in 8 directions

  • Easy to convert tape paper patterns to disk through an external tape reader cable

  • Possible to connvert pattern between different format, copy patterns between disks

  • Different speed available for transmission of floppy design fata to machine