• Richpeace Garment CAD V9.0 Commericial

    Apply for pattern design, grading and marker in garment industry. Can design pattern and grading in computer or digitizing existing patterns into computer, including grading existing patterns. Can work with Supernest. There are 3 modules in RP V9.0, including DGS (free design, grading); PDS (formula design, grading); GMS (marker and auto marker).

  • Richpeace Garment CAD V8.0 Free Version Free

    Full function evaluation copy of Richpeace Garment CAD Version 8 is welcomed to try on. Richpeace DGS, no limitation set, can create, save and print any pattern designs, do efficient pattern gradinig; Richpeace GMS, helps to do fast and efficient markers nesting automatically.

  • Richpeace Garment Technical Data Sheet System Commericial

    The Garment Technical Data Sheet System can provide professional, practical drawing line tools and various lines, which can draw the process diagram easily. At the same time, we can extract the existing parts in the repository to shorten the production time. The newly created parts and lines can also be saved to the repository and applied to the next new style.

  • Richpeace Converter FES V4.0 Commericial

    Richpeace Convert System for transfer the different files, such as DXF, AAMA, ASTM, IBA,etc.Easy to learn and to use with intuitive surface.Make Richpeace garment software compatible with other brands.

  • Richpeace 3D Creation and Style Design System Commericial

    Able to create and present the realistic 3D draped designs. Possible to watch a complete virtual fashion show on computer, instead of spending time to make samples and hiring models to perform. The extremely powerful feature of this design software is to help designers to create 3D draped effect & style design in a much easier way and more effectively to put their creative idea on computer. Save a lot of time as well as reduce the sampling costs, plus shorten the product development cycle.