Richpeace Automatic Hotfix Ironing Machine


Underwear, lace, lace hotfix ironing process, it can also be used in leather, sponge and other fabrics. It doesn't need adhesive,so keeps the material nature good, intelligent resolution improve work efficiency greatly;

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Product Introduction

This machine (Richpeace automatic hotfix ironing machine) is mainly used for clothing underwear, shoes industry, the trademark industry, the automotive industry, the plastics industry, household goods industry, etc. The material mainly includes fiber cotton, ribbon, leather, plastic. The machine is used to hotfix ironing, auxiliary connections, multi-layer positioning and so on.

Richpeace automatic hotfix ironing machine is made up of hotfix ironing head,loading platform, the camera and LED lamp support. Above the loading platform is the ultrasonic hotfix ironing device, it includes an ultrasonic hotfix ironing head and the gearing device for driving (front and back, left and right, up and down). The support above the hotfix ironing device is equipment with high-definition camera, it's used for capturing the position, shape and size of the pieces on the load platform,it is also equipped with 8 sets of LED lights for optimized the photoing effect. The pictures photoed by the high-definition camera will be analyzed by the intelligent software, and the automatic hoffix ironing machine will ultrasonic and stick and rhinestone immediatdly, so the material edge is smooth. The machine improves work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers greatly, and it's more accurate.