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Richpeace Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine With Auto-Loader


Suitable for all kinds of winter jacket, down jacket, garments parts,furniture, home textile, toy, outdoor,luggage, shoes and cap,automotive interior industry etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine with Graphic Recognition


Baby quilting products, young children quilting products, and etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine with Cutting Function


Application: Auto sewing and cutting, used for Garment parts (collar, cuff, front fly, flap, pocket, etc), Sun visor, and Toys, etc.


Richpeace Diện rộng Máy May Toàn Tự Động


Application: Suitable for high quality produce requirement in down filled quilt, cotton quilt, silk quilt. etc.


Richpeace Twin Color Automatic Sewing Machine


Application: Apply to all kinds of products which require dual color sewing stitch, such as: Jean pocket, decorative, car upholstery etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine with Laser Cut


Application: Auto sewing+ Auto Laser cutting, used for car sun visor, stuffed toy, garment parts like collar, pocket, cover with cutting required.


Richpeace Automatic CNC Sewing Machine


Application: Automobile seat pre-sewing, cushion overlap sewing, shoes and hat overlap sewing, garment and bedding overlock sewing, jeans and pant edges seam sewing.